Branding Assets That Tell a Story of YOU

A Sense of Place

Where you work is more than sitting at your computer.  The larger sense of place where you live and work, the unique location and details that shows your love of the community and clients you serve.

All in the Details

The details matter in your life and business.  The things you love, in the routine you keep, the surprises in life you share give people a glimpse into the best that you are, the things you really care about and appreciate.


You have ideas, you have that something special you can't put into words that a great photograph can explain.  It's why sunsets on social media are in the millions!  People relate to imagery that tells a story they can relate to.


The most important element in any image is the connection people feel to your headshot, your products, your food, your ideas, your vibe as someone they want to know more about.  Great images are both introduction and conversation.

I can also design your website 

with story branding!

Instagram for Food

Food is such a big part of life and of my clients businesses that my food photography has it's own instagram.  Whether it's coffee, catering, gatherings or restaurants, food is a part of everyones personal brand, right?

That is why food photography is a big part of my business.  Bloggers set the trends on new foods, food trucks and restaurants require branding along with menu item images that change regularly, health coaches share the foods their clients should be eating.  If you need branding images, chances are you'll need food images as well.  So take a look at my instagram portfolio just for food!

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