My personal projects are weird and wonderful in my imagination, the remnants of lives lived in objects.  After a lifetime of dealing with loss, I find myself taking the time to notice the things left behind in my still life projects.  They mattered for a moment in time, sometimes saved for a lifetime, long lost to the memories of those who no longer live.  So I photograph the memories of love, pain, loss, joy, creativity, travels, careers, furtive thoughts and momentous of the gifts given for another life as prints to be collected like trading cards of memories.

These have often been displayed in galleries from coffee shops to limited runs in the art world.  They live as long as someone enjoys them and then they face the same fate as the original objects.  Set aside in dark places or tossed in the trash to empty a home for someone new.

The portrait projects are a different matter.  These portraits recognize the raw honest struggles of the people I care about or those that I meet where there is some kind of connection, a moment in time that we have an unspoken understanding that we share the same bit of humanity.  I hope that the faces I collect are not so easily tossed aside and that these humans know that they matter.

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